LAByrinth Series

26 March 2023 3pm

First in a series of dream labs opening up the curatorial process towards the DREAM PALACE in Athens. We kick off our first event with the unveiling of a labyrinth designed for Apiary Studios by labyrinth expert Calen Rayne and a talk about the Thymele of Epidaurus.

DREAM PALACE is a funhouse, experimental
scientific conference, philosophical symposium,
a co-participatory creative immersion and a modern mystery school

The Use of Psychomanteums to Explore Invisible

Realms of Consciousness and the Geometry of Memory

Labyrinths might be considered a form of psychomanteum, roughly translated as “theatre of the mind.” In this presentation we will discuss how walking a labyrinth might connect one to an information stream running from the past to the future. Psychomanteums follow the tradition of nekramanreions, the ancient Greek oracles of the dead. Walking a labyrinth offers a myriad of possible paths of exploration and reflection on your current life path.

My premise is there are no near-death experiences and no past life experiences. I follow one principle in meditation, “we are simply the universal mind sitting in contemplation of itself.” It is possible individual labyrinths form a connection in a morphogenic field of resonance, commonly referred to as “fields of information.” It is possible when walking a labyrinth to access memories from both the future and the past, accessed by coming into resonance with their frequencies.

The new labyrinth here at Apiary studios has become part of this morphogenic field, and when walking it, one might come into resonance with all other labyrinths and anyone who has ever walked a labyrinth. Focus on the three ‘r’s of your walk, rest in the center, receive whatever information becomes available to you, and return with this information to see how it might be incorporated into your current life journey.

Calen Wayne has been with Ubiquity University for 18 years and is currently Director of Organizational Architecture (actually Director of Energetics but this title sounds more interesting). He has been a student of all sects of Buddhism for the past 57 years, which has informed his thought process regarding the nature of mindfulness and consciousness. A myriad of certifications in esoteric traditions has been insightful in that process. That includes training in the first religion of the Himalayas, “the nameless religion,” also known as “patterns of heaven and earth” or “sacred conventions.”

The Dream Labyrinth: Thymele of Epidaurus

The Thymele of Epidaurus was an extraordinarily harmonious and no-doubt positively feng-shui feat of architectural ancient Greek design. It was a splendid circular, peristyle altar/temple with mysterious underground meandering, labyrinthine passages; built at the heart of the healing sanctuary of Asklepios.

The popular and widespread cult of the dream healer god Asklepios - was thought by many to have started in Epidaurus, and it was an unrivalled sacred precinct for dream healing.

For its size, the Thymele was the most costly and ornate building in the Peloponnese at the time, attributed to the architect Polykleitos the Younger by the Greek travel writer Pausanias in his Description of Greece (2.27. 5).

Since 2018 University of Athens Professor Vassilis Lambrinoudakis has been leading further excavations of Epidaurus and unexpected finds during recent investigations have shed new light on the origins, cult, and function of Asklepios. An amazing ground- floor building that features a peristyle and basement hewn into the rock was excavated at the Thymele. It defines the highly debated and mysterious function of this particular tholos, as the cult centre or chthonic seat of Asklepios. A small portico was also discovered under the later Abaton building (a dormitory for sacred sleep or enkoimesis), and seems to have preceded the latter as a primitive dormitory hall/ incubatory chamber. All of this provides good evidence for healing through dream incubation occurring in early archaic times. An ash altar and provision for ritual meals around it, suggests a parallel magic cure through the consumption of sacred food from the very beginning of the cult.

In this presentation Sarah Janes will explore some of the theories about the purpose and function of this enigmatic and divine building, and share research and interpretations of the most recent excavations.

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