Mark Pilkington

Mark Pilkington is a writer, electronic musician and founder of the publishing house Strange Attractor Press. Since 2004, Strange Attractor has published critically-acclaimed books from the outer edge, documenting lost, neglected, emerging and underground currents from areas including anthropology, psychology, science and magic, natural history, literature, sound and music, film and the visual arts. They regularly host events

Mark’s writing explores the intersections of culture, technology, magic, anomalous experience and folklore, and has appeared in numerous magazines, journals and anthologies. His 2010 book Mirage Men explores how the US government used and abused the UFO mythology to cover up their own advanced technologies and counter-intelligence operations. The companion feature documentary was released in 2013, directed by John Lundberg.

As a musician Mark has released albums and performed in the UK and Europe as part of Teleplasmiste, Raagnagrok, Urthona, The Begotten, Disinformation, as well as solo gigs and numerous improvised performances, with Canadian-American audio-visual artist Rose Kallal and others.

Mark was a resident at Apiary Studios from 20012 - 2017 and hosted and performed at numerous events there.


Apiary Studios