AromAtom Pilot
Marina Barcenilla
Dec, 06, 2017

Marina Barcenilla is the Founder and Perfumer behind her multi-award winning fragrance house. She is also actively involved in space science, and is currently researching astrochemistry and the habitability of icy moons in the outer Solar System. Marina will be showing items from her Aromatom perfume line and talking about the inspiration for her work.

Cyclicity 2: Nurturance: Creating a Home for the Energy Body
Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity
Wednesdays: 15 noV - 7 DEC

Join us for a course on the topic of Nurturance to get us ready for a jolly holiday season. We will explore over the 4 part series movement, breath, eating and sleeping and how we connect with the energy body, our first true love, through these everyday activities.

DO.OM Yoga Practice
DO.OM Yoga

DO.OM YOGIS! We are back at Apiary's wonderful loft studio every Tuesday evening for those yogis looking to deep their practice through regular disipline and dedication as well those who have never even stepped onto a yoga mat. Regulars we welcome you as always to stretch into a place you never knew exisited. First timers to Do.om Yoga please join us !